Forum Rules

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Welcome to the Official [GCZ] BattleClan forums!

Should you choose to sign up for interaction, here are a few simple rules to keep the forum clean, safe and fair:

  • No offensive posts

  • This includes offensive upload material, racism, sexism and harassment

  • No illegal activities

  • This includes plotting, copyrighted material swapping, etc.

  • Do not misuse or abuse this platform

  • This includes vulnerability exploitation, targeting users for harassment, advertising, dumping files, etc.

Otherwise keep an eye on this page for updates!

Forum Registration

Signing up is easy!
Visit the Registration Page to submit your details any await approval from our moderation team! Feel you have more to offer our community?

We're always looking for friendly and enthusiastic members to help moderate the forums, arrange clan events and drive the community forwards.

If you are interested in taking on extra responsibilities with BattleClan, please join our TeamSpeak server and introduce yourself!

Administrators & Moderators

[001 / 001] Site Owner 100%
[001 / 005] Administrators 20%
[003 / 010] Moderators 30%
There are currently 4 open vacancies for Administrators and 8 open vacancies for Moderator roles!

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