TeamSpeak Server Rules

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TeamSpeak Server Rules

The GCZ BattleClan TeamSpeak server is formally privatised for member use, the majority of privileges are subject to invitation only; however the community is open to the public, therefore anyone who wishes to join is welcome to utilise the facilities provided they observe the rules outlined in this article.

Our community wishes to avoid offensive nicknames and channel titles for the purpose of common curtsey; therefore automatic server filtration is performed for new visitors and new channels to remove profanity and warn administrators of users who attempt to create a name of such.

If you attempt to join the server with an offensive name, you will be automatically kicked by the server; moderators cannot control this functionality as a security precaution. If you find any trouble joining the server with a legitimate / clean name, please join the BattleClan forums and post a response here to help us update our filters to avoid unnecessary grief and aid in improving our systems.

In additional to automated profanity filtering, our server also automatically moves users who set an Away Status, or mute their headset / output; users who appear "Away" are moved to the AFK channel by the server (with the exception of the "film" and "lobby" channels to avoid disturbing other users).

Once your Away status has been updated and output is restored, the server will automatically move you back to your previous channel.

This functionality affects all users on the channel; please do not request for this to be removed on your user, the global rules are in place to avoid excessive slot occupation for users who are not utilising the server to talk or are simply away from their computer so not actively using the channels.

The TeamSpeak server is not password protected, however those visiting for the first time (or with a new identity token) will only be able to join the lobby channel and await assistance from a moderator.

Please note that new visitors can private message other users on the server, regardless of channel; so if you are still waiting for help or to be directed to another channel, contact a user with Member, Operator or Admin privilege flags to gain their attention.

General Rules

  1. Please respect the decisions of our moderation team and those who have been invited to join with Member privileges.

  2. Please be reminded this is a private server, any specific privileges you receive are subject to review at the discretion of our moderation team.

  3. Offensive words in your name or channel titles are not permitted; however discussions are not governed by the same rules. If you are provided with the privilege of a private channel for your own personal use with friends, what you discuss there is your own business; we will not dictate what you can and cannot say / write in private messages.

  4. Channel descriptions, client avatars and channel customisations must be kept clean and free of profanity / offensive words and phrases; again this does not affect what you discuss in a private channel.

  5. Regardless of no governance over private channel discussions, the Main channel and Admin channels are subject to moderation; if you are invited to someone else's private channel (including Main and Admin channels) please observe channel specific rules and respect those who use the channel.

  6. If you would like specific icons added to your name on this server, please ask an Operator or Administrator for those rights.

  7. Joining the BattleClan forums does not automatically enrol you for Member status on the TeamSpeak server; invitations for Member privileges are still subject to moderation and proper application. Please do not beg for Member privileges on the TeamSpeak server.

  8. You will likely never be provided permissions to upload content to any channel on the TeamSpeak server, even private and specific channels that you have rights to. Please do not beg for these permissions; file sharing on the server is only permitted for those with explicit approval of the server Owner and Administrator.

    • Moaning about it, begging for permission to upload files and getting frustrated with your requests to upload being denied will only raise suspicion concerning user intentions and will likely render the user banned from the community.

    • We wish to avoid any problems regarding illegal content sharing, so everyone is denied permission to upload files on the TeamSpeak server by default.

  9. Griefing other users on the server with privileges that you have been invited to use as a Member or Operator, will result in those permissions being stripped from your account without debate; we will not consult greifers and trolls, nor grace them with a review for their actions.
    If your intentions are to interrupt the daily use of the server and comfort of those who have earned their rights in our community, we do not want to know you.

    • Such actions include, kicking users without reasonable rationale, excessively moving users between channels to cause disruption, spamming other users who have explicitly asked for you not to contact them, spamming channels with messages and generic annoyance / trolling. (tl,dr; being a problem child.)

  10. Anyone with the intent to exploit the server or those who threaten to harm other users via external means, will be permanently banned from the community and reported to the authorities if there is sufficient evidence to suggest that there is a real threat to someone's personal property or health. We will not tolerate threats in any capacity.

  11. Joining a private channel is subject to the discretion of the channel owner or users who frequent that channel; channel specific rules should be observed by all users.

If you are interested in moderating the server, becoming a member or acquiring a private channel on our server, please apply either by directly querying the server admin / owner, or by signing up to the forums and writing a message for our moderation team to consider.

All applications are subject to a verbal discussion on the server anyway, so it's best to talk to us directly and request the attention of an admin / operator on TeamSpeak if you have an urgent request.

Sign up to the forums from the registration page: Any questions or queries, private message us on TeamSpeak or speak to us directly; we'll try to give you some feedback in a time convenient manner.

Thank you for observing our TeamSpeak Rules; provided you follow these you are a welcomed candidate!

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